Jason Asher

Queensland Australia

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About Jason Asher

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website. I am a landscape photographer based in Brisbane, Australia. My photographic journey first started at the age of 21, whilst exploring Queensland's Carnarvon Gorge region. Armed with a simple compact camera and inspired by my surroundings I started happily snapping away, and before I knew it... I was hooked!

I haven't looked back since. I'd finally discovered something that I could link with my deep appreciation of nature, and as such it has become my very essence - a part of me. I'm constantly fascinated by everything that I encounter in nature, and by using both film & digital formats I endeavour to create lasting photographic memories of these experiences, not just to share with you, but as a constant personal reminder of how lucky we are to be a part of the amazing world that surrounds us. The ability to capture the awe I behold is a wonderous thing and I could never give it up. I capture the soul of the Earth, the soul of nature, in a world all too often cluttered by petty concerns and material desires.

Aside from various private sales, I've also licensed images for commercial use and have travelled internationally to photograph events and locations. I've received multiple photographic awards and have also hosted my own photography exhibitions, but above all of these achievements I value the relationship I've forged with mother nature more than anything else.

Please enjoy browsing my website. My only hope is that my photography speaks to you the way nature speaks to me.